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My art challenges

spn_j2_bigbang            2010:  All the Dreaded Cards Foretell
                                                2011: Until We Bleed
                                             2012: Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

spn_reversebang         Paradise Island
                                        Indelible Ink

au_bigbang                    2010: Chemistry For Beginners
                                                2011: Of Ovens, Aeroplanes, and Distant Car Horns

deancasbigbang           2010: Methapysical Gravity
                                                2011: I'm yours 'til they come
                                              2012: Title: Gargoyles on Motorcycles

j2_everafter                   2010: The carousel
                                          2011: How not to love you
                                          2012: Just a little unwell

kink_bigbang                 2009: We are broken (part one) We are broken (part two) We are broken (icons)
                                2010: Exspecto anima sanguis
                                  2010: Caged by a circle
                                  2011: Taste your blasphemy
pictures2words             2009: Forgive and Forget
                                          2010: The Marks We Bear

rpf_big_bang                2010:  Under Falling Leaves
                                        2011: Candied Yams and Sticky Converstions
                                      2012: Posting begins: October 7, 2012

spn_30snapshots         A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

tw_bigbang                     2010: The Tsar of Torchwood; Separate Ends
                                              2011: Quicksilver

vampirebigbang             2010:  With Teeth
                                            2011: They're just big, fluffy puppies with bad teeth... right?

spnslashbigbang          2011: Adrenalin’s pumping through my veins but love’s guiding my actions, baby
                                         2012: City of the Angels

fantasybigbang             2010: The Sealgaire and the Dragan
                                                2011: My Fair Alba
                                                2011: Taste the Day

apocabigbang             Waiting in silence for the sky to explode
                                              Paradoxical Paradox

jossverse_bb               Walking on empty roads

gabriel_bigbang          2011: The Butterfly Effect

bigbangbuffet           2011: The Opposite of Faith
                                             When I see you
                                        2012: Coming Home

syfybigbang                The Help of a Steady Hand
                                            Whatever help us sleep at night

sncross_bigbang     2011: You Get Angry (I Turn Black and Blue)
                                      2012: Burn it to the ground

crossbigbang          Safe to Land

crowley_bigbang      2011: The Long Ride Home

casestory                 The lost ones

spn_gen_bigbang     2011: The Importance of an Education

scifibigbang           2011:  The Fallen

spacebigbang      Floating In A Most Peculiar Way

novel_bigbang       In Which Magic is an Euphemism for being just a little bit Different

originalbigbang       2011:
                                    2012: Resting Wolf

podficbigbang       2011: Harm's Way
                                   2012: Only Sweeter

spn_cinema            2011 1st round:Stranded
                                   2011 2nd round: The Saint
                                   2012 3rd round: The Winchester Identity

thebigbangjob    2011: The Tower of Babble
                                2012:  D&G job

Sam Dean Mini-bang    2011: In the Beginning there is No End
                                     2012: October 15th: Posting begins!

sabriel_mini       Sam Winchester Cries his Way Through Sex


ianto_bigbang    Now Horizons

angelic_bigbang      This Good News

BDSM BigBang     Possibilities

sassy_minibang Enlightenment

cwbigbang   Something Ever After

sfa_bigbang       This Empty Northern Hemisphere

summer_sam_love   Even Keel

polybigbang    No Robots Were Harmed In The Making of This Story

werewolfbigbang   Shiver

dc_dystopia          When your best just isn't enough

spn_hardcore_bb   Cut all the ropes and let me fall

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