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My first offical Big Bang art here!

So, this the Big Day :-)
Thanks to the Academy, my Mom... er, sorry, thanks to sylvanwitch   who write a wonderful fic, and always loved my ideas, and naturally thanks ALL of my Lj friend too, who are so awesome ppl in the real world too.

Fic title: All the Dreaded Cards Foretell
Author name: sylvanwitch  
Artist name: deadflowers5  
Genre: wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating:  NC-17
Word count:  ~23,000
Warnings/Spoilers:  Sam is 16 when this story begins.
Summary: A sequel to last year's Boy Falling Out of the Sky, this continues the epic love story of a young Sam and Dean, to borrow a popular phrase.  The honeymoon is (more or less) over, Dad's out of town, a creepy carnival has moved in, folks are starting to die badly, and Sam is doing his level best to figure out how to date his brother and pass AP US History at the same time.  It's not easy being a Winchester in love.
Link to fic: here...


An another version, just with the boys:

Separator for the chapters:

Screensaver (in the header style):



Photobucket      Photobucket      Photobucket

Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

Photobucket             Photobucket            Photobucket

Notes: The Nr. 6 was an old one, but I thought it would be fitt for this fic too.
Basic pictures from here:
Tags: icons, my_art, supernatural

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