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Characters: Sam, John
Rating: PG
Warning: Gen
Summary: Sam's feelings about his dad's death
Beta: The unique [info]underdog_14 and GG.
Written for the [info]spn_30snapshots 's challange. No: 8.

July 19, 2006

That was the day when Sam Winchester died. Officially it was John Winchester’s date of death and everybody who knew them just knew it in that way. But Sam knew it better.

That ominous day he died too. Physically he was in a good shape. Not his body rebelled against him, and refused to go on nor his mind played tricks of him and let him believe that he was a dead man.


The Sam Winchester he used to be died on that day. Eventually John was everything for him. Not in the way like Dean.


John was the Sun for his Earth. He started to live because of him and all his life he existed because and despite of him. When he was so far away at Stanford each day when he got up and did something that was only for one reason.

To meet the expectations of his father


To rebell against his father.

But on this exact date everything was changed. His father was no longer alive and Sam Winchester, that Sam Winchester that everybody knew was dead too.

Naturally there will be a new Sam Winchester, but he didn’t know either what kind of man this new one will be. He knew only one thing for sure: this new Sam-Earth will not have a Sun anymore.

Tags: english, raiting: pg

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