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Characters/Pairings: Wee!Sammy, Wee!Dean, Mary
Rating: PG
Warning: Fluff, Gen
Summary: The little Winchester boy speaks his mind.
Beta: The selfless underdog_14 and GG.
Written for the spn_30snapshots 's challange. No: 11.

The little boy stood at the side of the crib with his face almost glowing in the early afternoon sun. He was happily smiling for the infant in his bed.

„Mom! Little Sammy is sooo cute” he said bouncing gleefully with his legs. „He has dimples and teeny-weeny hands, and all!”

„Yes, Dean, I think too that little Sammy is very sweet.” Mary answering with a genuine smile on her face. She loved when Dean was this enthusiastic.

„Mommy, I think he’ll be my wify when we grow up!” She was a little stunned by these words, but then she smiled again at her oldest son. „Dean, my dear. Men will not be wives, they become husbands. And honey, you can’t marry your own little brother.”

„No?” Dean was so dissapointed, that he barely managed to stop himself from crying. His emerald green eyes started to fill with tears.

„No, honey. But you can love him anyway, like a great big brother as you are.”

„Really?” Dean asked, and it was amazing how the hope started to spread on his expressive childish face. „May I love him?”

„Yes, honey. You can love him, with all of your heart. But now you should let him rest a little. You know little babies have to sleep a lot to grow just as strong and big as you are. And while I am cooking for you and your father, you can play with your new car.”

Dean smile was greater than ever. „I like my new car so much, it’s look like the same as Daddy’s.”

And while Mary and Dean were leaving the room, the little boy once more turned his head to the crib, and Sammy look into his big brother green eyes smiling.

Tags: english, pairing: sam/dean, raiting: pg

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