deadflowers5 (deadflowers5) wrote,

Green Room

Pairings: Jared/Jensen

Raitings: NC-17

Warning: PWP

Beta, co-writer, and guardian devil:[info]underdog_14

Summary: Jensen said some silly things in a con's panel... and Jared is pissed off...

As soon as the Green Room’s door closed behind them Jared grabed Jensen by his collar and pinned him to the nearest wall with full force.
„Are you fucking crazy?” Jared spat the words out through clenched teeth, Jensen just making a wicked grin.
„What is the problem, big boy? Did somebody steal your toy?”
„No, you bastard! You know very well, WHAT MY FUCKING PROBLEM!” Said the younger man, emphasizing every word.
„Oh, I think I know what is bothering you sasquash” Jensen told innocently. „I think I said something in our panel… Hmm, let me think… Oh, yes. I said we wanted Jared naked or, maybe… Jared totally strip in front of me.” His grin going wilder.
„You did it on purpose?” The younger man took a step backwards, and looked puzzled. „But, you know, you should have just asked me, instead of making an announcement in front of a thousands of giggling fangirl. I bet, in just one hour, they will totally do an on-line petition with an embarrassing title like „we want Jared naked from head to toe!”. But with this the tension are started to loose from the younger man.
„So, I should just ask you, to make a striptease for me?” Asked the older man in a teasing voice.
„Yeah babe, you just ask me whatever you want.” Replied Jared, and with this he is stepped a bit forward and made a light, playful kiss to the other man’s smiling lips. „You know, I do anything for you.” An another kiss, but now a little harder, filled with want. „Do you want me to start to get naked right now, just for you?” And then he attacked the gorgeous lips with full force.
Jensen made a quick movement and changed their position, and this time he was the one who pressed the other to the wall.
„You have no idea what do you do to me! Oh, Jared, I wanna fuck you!” The lust was so overwhelming, that they started loose themselves. They are rubbed against each other like the mad animals, full of lust and want.
„Jared, right now I just want a little taste from you, after… after this shit… I’ll want the whole package. With thousand miles of your naked skin.” Then Jensen droped to his knee and with eagerness and want started to unbotton the younger man’s jeans. „You know, I love the way you taste, babe.”

It didn’t take too long for both of them to find their usual rhythm of love making, and when Jensen started so swallow his lover’s come, he found his own pleasure too. It was hot, and fast, just full of pure want. By the time Jim comes back to the room they are at the table sharing food with each other innocently.
„Hey guys, guess what I just heard from Richard.” But he doesn’t wait for an answer because he is already laught his head off. „Somebody made an on-line petition about Jared. And do you know what it’s called? „We want Jared naked from head to toe!”

Tags: english, fanfic, slash

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