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Meme in english (2nd part)

The second english part of this meme:
For vampyran

Thanks to underdog_14 again, who is my beta, co-writer and guarding angel!

Pairings: Jared/Jensen

Raitings: NC-17

Warning: Language!

Plot: oh easy then :D j2 for me :D and if there is some manhandling in there, that would be awesome :P Oh and Jensen should be top :D

„Fuck me already Jensen! I said, please!” Jared beg „Jensen, hun, sweetie, please, please.”

„So, that is what you want Jared? Me in your tight ass?”

„Yes, please, Jensen!”

„Then shut up! I will gag you!”

„Oh, yeah, Jen”

„What did I say?” Jensen glared down at Jared.

And then no other sound came from Jared, as Jensen started to do what he had planed. Firstly he licked and kissed across his lovers body, and then did it all over again until the younger man trembled under him His all body tensed like a bow. Then, and just then he started to use his magic fingers to loosen Jared’s tight hole. The older man admire for a little while, how beatiful his lover was, as he trembled, and how they both needed this, Soon he replace his fingers with his cock.

Once in balls deep in his beautiful lover, they lost in their passonate lover’s dance, and no other man could that tears them apart.

Tags: english, fanfic, slash, supernatural

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