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Title: How to meet friends, acquaintances and lovers
- A useless guide by J. R. Ackles -
Gifter: deadflowers5
Beta: maddonna001 (You did an amazing job, helping me out, even when you had so little time for yourself.)
Characters/Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, Jeff/Jensen (past), Jim, Erica (mention only)
Rating: R
Wordcount: 6250
Warnings: Vampire!Jensen, Werewolf!Jared, some powerplay
Note: Prompt from bluefire986 Werewolf!Sam/Jared and Vampire!Dean/Jensen.
Summary: Jensen had a very long day before the sun was set.

Link to AO3

How to meet friends, acquaintances and lovers
- A useless guide by J. R. Ackles -

The first time Jensen saw Jared was in the 1800s.
Jensen always liked the 19th century the best, he had all the things that were important in his life: a quiet mansion, a great tailor and a discreet secretary. The last one was still in progress on that fateful day. So much so, that he was actually doing interviews to fill in the position.
Being an established gentleman in the countryside drew a lot of candidates, mostly gentlemen who wanted nothing more than to be out of sight and out of mind in a quaint, picturesque residence for a couple of months and get paid for it. Sadly this type was what Jensen didn’t want at all.
So when he walked in his study and first saw the back of the next candidate he let out a deep sighs – of course only in his mind, after all, he was an Ackles through and through – another wasted hour of his life that he’ll never get back. He still liked to think about the hours of his life, even though his was much longer than the average one. His life, not his hours. He had some extraordinary skills, but sadly nothing sort of manipulating Time itself. His family was dated back among the first noble vampire dynasties who formed the Clans of Supernatural Creatures, no, not CSC like some of the younger members like to refer to it. He was old money, he was distinguished and he would have liked someone of the same mind as a companion for secretary. Which this scoundrel with the long hair and wide shoulders would certainly not be.
After he had already decided the conclusion of this meeting Jensen went ahead and sat down in his carved armchair on the other side of his mahogany table.
But when he looked up and then promptly noticed the wrist of the man in front of him, he has quickly realised two things. There was a supernatural being standing in front of him, who had no idea about the Clans, Jensen was certain of that. All Clan members wore a certain tattoo dependent on their sub clans on the inside of their wrists, Jensen for example had a W in a circle. For people without this particular knowledge, it just looked like an ornate letter, but in reality, it represented his fearful fangs.
He was intrigued.
In the end, Jensen was right on several accounts. Jared needed a place to disappear for a while, he was a supernatural being, namely a werewolf, and he didn’t get the job. But because he peaked Jensen's curiosity, which rarely happened in relation to another creature, he was allowed to stay.
And later when the caretaker ran off with one of the maids, Jared took the job, and for good measure, the man’s surname too: Padalecki.
This is how their story began.

- Chapter 2 -

Being a werewolf was a lot like being a vampire, and at the same time, not at all. You didn’t get to have eternal life, youth and beauty. Jared would have eventually grown old and died. But not in the normal human years. And what about the beauty? That was just your average genetic lottery. All you got as a werewolf was some extra muscle, and an almost unstoppable body, which of course never hurts.
On the other hand Jensen was frozen in the timeless bubble of the undead, his ethereal aura like a shining beacon for humans. Now and forever.

The manor of Ackles held very normal hours. Of course Jensen was not allowed to be woken up before 10 am, but if you valued your life as a whole, like almost all the permanent staff in the household did, even that time you fortify yourself with a cup of coffee – even if that was so terribly out of fashion – and proceed with caution till the dark drink was taking it’s hold. Except for Jared. The caretaker always had special privileges, like walking in the lord’s bed chamber without knocking… in the middle of the night.
“Jared! What are you doing here in this time of the night...” Inquired Jensen after he saw even in the complete dark who is the intruder. “On the floor?
“I tripped over my own two feet.” Shrugged the other man. Not like this was a new occurrence for him. Supernatural creature or not, it was not him who got the graceful walking out of the whole ordeal.
Jensen didn’t say anything, just moved left on the bed to make room for the werewolf, who started to strip and carelessly drop his clothing on a nearby high back chair.
“So what brought you here in the middle of the night?” Asked Jensen after the other man was naked, already in the bed with him.
“Tomorrow is the full moon. I feel like ravishing some handsome creature.” And for good measure, the werewolf grabbed both of the other man’s wrists in one of his big hands, and pushed it over his head. Both of them liked this kind of power play in bed, even if in real life meant absolutely nothing. A vampire would never be held down against his will by mere hands, even if those hands belonged to a werewolf.
“And did you find one who is willing to do it with a scoundrel like you? Or did you just give up searching; is this why you came so late?”
“This is the third time you mention my lateness. Did you miss me already?” Laughed Jared.
“No.” Came the too fast answer, as Jensen tried to take back his still captured hands.
“No, no, not taking back what’s mine, till I’m finished with them.” And the younger man laughed even more when Jensen just huffed and gave up. “By the way, there was some urgent task on the north wing, and seeing that I wouldn’t be available for a few days, I’ve just wanted to finish it. Are you happy now?”
“There are some urgent tasks around me as well.” Reflected Jensen, and managed to keep a straight face for about two seconds, before booth of them started to laugh loudly.
“Please tell me that this is not your usual line.”
“No, I don’t have one, because I don’t have a need for them. I just casually walk over to the other person, hold their face gently, and kiss them fiercely.” And he succeeded to promptly show all of this, after he recovered the possession of both of his hands. By the time he was finished, Jared was breathing rather rapidly, because he was the only one who still needed to do that.
“What’s the matter?” Asked Jensen thoughtfully, and went back to kiss the living daylight out of the younger man.
“It’s not fair!” Proclaimed the werewolf after he managed to steal some of the much needed lungful of air. “You’re still dressed up.” And without any warning he ripped the offended cloth in half. “Much better.”
“You… This was…”
“Yes, absolutely unnecessary. If you give up this silly habit of yours, to wear clothing to bed, we could get to the good part much faster.” Answered Jared rather cheekily, and grabbed the vampire’s hands again. “So where were we, when you rudely interrupted my good times?”
Then the younger man’s other hand was everywhere on the vampire's pale body, followed by his mouth, finding a searing hot path on the cold skin.
Morning came faster than any of them liked it. By the time Jared managed to wake up a grunting Jensen, the sun already started its long way in the sky.
“Coffee.” He put the hot, black drink under the nose of the sleepy vampire. “Wake up, you have a lot to do today before sunset.” And what was happening after the sun had set was left unsaid. Not like much discussion was needed. They had this routine by now. They were going through their day, and come late afternoon, Jared went down to a special part of the cellar where the older man locked him in until the worst part of being a werewolf was over.
The chamber was specially designed with the help of the Clans after Jared became a full member, and every couple of years somebody came over to check that it was still able to hold a werewolf as it should. The younger man didn’t like surprises when it came to the safety of his chamber. One change was enough, and that was why he had to leave the capital city in the first place.
“How come you always know my schedule better than me?” Came the mumbling answer. In the meantime the coffee started working, waking his body up slowly.
“Maybe because I actually listen to Chris, when he’s talking?” Laughed Jared, of course fully dressed, realised Jensen, and ready to face the day.
“I’m listening too, just last evening we had a lively discussion about Poe.”
“Lively? About Poe?” Came a mocking laugh. “Have you heard the guy talking? ‘Only this and nothing more.’” The younger man said with a badly imitated low voice.
“I’ll have you know, that he is not talking like this in real life. The Raven is just a poem.”
“So you met with him?”
“Yes, I think it was one of the bigger meetings of the Clans, a couple of decades ago.” Jensen had trouble keeping the meetings apart. It was interesting at first to meet fellow vampires and other creatures, who know what it is like to live long-long lives, but that faded quickly enough when he realised that he would meet the same men and women over and over again, pretty much for eternity.
The younger man didn’t say anything. The Clans was still a sore spot for him, given that he was left to fend for himself after his change. If he hadn’t needed their help for his fullmoon-chamber, he would have never ever agreed to go anywhere near the organisation. Still, he was doing the bare minimum, which luckily included the tattoo. The vampire would never say this aloud, but he liked that they had this in common. The werewolf’s tattoo was slightly different than his, a triple V in a circle, representing the other creature's deadly claws, but between all of the sub Clans, this was the closest to his.
“Anyway...” Changed the subject Jared pretty quickly. “I know you listen to Chris, he’s your best friend.”
“My secretary.” Interjected Jensen.
“Given that he pretty much runs your life single handedly, and knows all your secrets, I’d rather think the two things are the same to you.” Came the quick reply.
“A good secretary knows these kind of things.”
“Yes, by snooping around not sharing and caring like you did.”
-------==== ------======
The first time Jensen saw Chris was in the 1800s, obviously.
He was still on the lookout for a discreet secretary, to have his life back in order. The last attempt was rather poor, and the one before, – Jared – worked out rather differently. Thus, he was doing interviews again to fill in the position.
When he walked in his study and first saw the back of the next candidate with long hair and wide shoulders, he let out a big sigh again, - yes you know this by now – only in his mind, because being an Ackles, yada, yada. But even a vampire can learn new tricks, or – in this case – can be surprised. Under the hard surface, the man sitting opposite of him was actually a real gentleman. With a diploma – albeit fake – and letter of recommendation – which he suspected was also fake – but with a quiet and agreeable persona what really looked genuine.
“Mr Carlson.” There was that telltale pause which told him that the name was also fake. “Let me be frank with you. Since my last long-time secretary, I have trouble finding a new one for some reason. Some people say that is totally my fault because I have too high standards.” He definitely was not thinking about that special someone with long claws on certain nights. “So you see, one of my standards is to actually know the gentleman's name who will be my right hand. Moreover, when this person’s papers sing all the right note, but they are all slightly out of tune.”
This was the moment Jensen knew that the guy with the long hair who may or may not be Christian Carlson actually contemplated how much he can get away not sharing. After a moment, he came to a conclusion, and started to talk.
“My name is Christian Kane, and I would like to be frank with you too. My diploma is fake as you pointed it out so politely; but not because of lack of trying. I was actually on the right track to get a real one, when I had an indiscretion, which forced me to give up pursuing higher education altogether. For a while I did all kinds of jobs, which didn’t require me to share my name. Some time later I managed to find a job in a factory with fake papers, but recently I had to leave it. I wouldn’t like to say no more, because the first one was a mistake of my youth, and the second one is not my story to tell.”
It looked like this is really what was going to share, nothing more, given his determined face. But Jensen still had a couple of things up his sleeve. Starting with the fact that he knew perfectly well that the other man was actually telling the truth. His senses were much more heightened than an average human, and if he wanted, he could hear even the other one’s beating heart.
“I see. And this Mr Carlson is looking for a job as well, now that he has left his home with you?”
After this bomb the long haired man sat ramrod straight, and if not for the vampire's perfect hearing, he could have sworn that he hadn't even been breathing for a while.
“As my secretary, naturally you would know a lot of things about this household.” Jensen followed up like they were having a chat on a pleasant afternoon in a tea party. “Like for example, that some people here were called differently when they were first introduced to the world. Or that we don’t stand formality about who is visiting who in their private time as long as it is consensual.”
While the vampire was talking, he saw that the other one lost his stone-like appearance, but it was still something in the back of his mind. That sixth sense of him was telling him that the other man was still hiding something from him.
“So Mr. Kane, you still haven’t answered me about your associate.”
“No, he doesn’t need a job here. He is more of a... like that old time bards. Steve is a free spirit, he can not be tied down in one place.”
“I see.” But the vampire’s mind was already running ahead. Can this be the same Carlson family? The sirens? He knew that they had a daughter and a son, but what was their names? Something with an S perhaps? How fitting.
“So, if you don’t have any other questions Mr. Kane,” And with this, Jensen stood up to shake hands with the surprised man. “I’d deeply appreciate it, if you can already start tomorrow, and tonight of course you are welcome to join me for dinner with Mr. Carlson.”
And this is how Jensen managed to find a discreet secretary – and a friend – again.

Link to Chapter 3
Tags: english, fanfic, pairing: jared/jensen, raiting: r, slash, supernatural, xmas

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