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RPF Big Bang art

Title: Kingdom of Crowns: Garden of Stones
Author name:hunters_retreat
Artist name: deadflowers5
Fandom: CW RPS
Genre: slash, threesome, m/m/f
Pairing: Jared/Jensen/Danneel
Word count: 50,000+
Warnings/Spoilers: threesomes
Summary: The purpose of the Kandilihar Triune is to give each member a chance to direct decisions made in it's name, however as Jared, Danneel, and Jensen begin to settle into their new roles, tragedy happens. Danneel is left to hold the walls in her king's absence but friends aren't always what they seem and no one expects the pregnant Queen Consort to hold the castle against foreign enemies. Danneel isn't called the Fiery Queen for nothing though and in the battle ahead of her, she needs every bit of steel she can find.

With Danneel keeping Kandilihar safe, Jared is plunged further into the murderous plot of his sister as he tries to undo the harm she's done while building new alliances and making new friends. His reunion with his husband is short lived though when Jensen confesses to prophetic visions that are leading him to a place no one would have dared guess; the fabled Crown of Kingdoms. The Jade Crown had once united the Six Lakes Realms under a High King where peace reigned until betrayal destroyed it all. Jensen has to find the crown to bring an end to the deaths and warmongering of Jared's family and to find a way to protect his friends, family, and the husband and wife he has come to love more than life itself.

Link to fic: HERE
Link to art: HERE

This is the third part of a verse, that I'm in love with, so it was a great pleasure to work with hunters_retreat again!



Tags: bigbang, drawning, my_art, supernatural

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